Kingdom – the haunted hospital

This dilapidated building in Dnipropetrovsk can be a refuge for many ghosts … The citizens call this dilapidated building Kingdom (Korolevstvo), probably because it is located on the Korolenko street. Many myths and legends intertwined with the history of this hospital.

One of the legends says that the disgusting things were often taking place in the hospital – a lot of patients died due to unknown circumstances. Mother of a nurse working in that hospital had psychic abilities. She was staying in the hospital for treatment. One night that woman heard the mournful moaning and screaming of the baby who was killed and unburied in the walls of the hospital a long time ago. That’s why a lot of different troubles occurred in the hospital.

There is also another legend, which tells us that during the war the administration abolished the hospital. After that, workable people revolted by staging a riot. People were killing patients and medical staff. As a result of these killings, abnormal phenomena began to occur in the hospital. Even in the present times it is possible to see switched on bulbs sometimes, in spite of the fact that there is no electricity in the building.  Moreover, people who tried to discover the shabby hospital and its anomalies, suddenly died.

There is a stalker legend, which says about the catacombs. Its believed  that there is a multi-way maze of vaulted by ancient red brick underneath the building. Curious “visitors” even found the tools with the royal stamp in this dungeon. Of course, going down to the dungeon is very dangerous, because according to the legend in the zero-tier the doomed incurable patients and the bodies of the dead were placed. That is why the ghosts of dead people wander in the catacombs of the Kingdom, even at the present time.


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