Medveditskaya ridge – anomalous zone with fireballs

Medveditskaya Ridge is one of the most famous anomalous zones of Russia. It is a chain of undulating mountains with height of 200-380 meters on the border of the Volgograd and Saratov regions.

The strangest place on the ridge is the so-called Devil’s den, where fireballs are often observed. At the points of intersection of fireball paths there are traces of burns on the trees.

However, not only trees were burnt it that zone. On November 11, 1990 in the heart of the Devil’s den shepherd Biesen Mamaev was burned alive, while having rest on a bunch of hay. His friend found only the charred body … Maybe all the causes of fire associated with the same mysterious fireballs.

“Alien” version, and the version of “magical powers” can be considered. But most likely, that there are a range of different fields of the physical nature that affect material objects.


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