The magic moving blue stone

On the shore of` Pleshcheyevo Lake near Pereyaslavl-Zalesski (Yaroslavl region) you can find a grayish granite boulder. It called the Blue-stone (Syn-kamen). According to the old Russian legends; the spirit, who makes dreams and wishes come true, lives in this stone. At the beginning of the XVII century, church came to grips with the pagan religion. The deacon of Pereslavl church Annufriy ordered to dig a big hole and throw the Blue-stone in it. But after a few years boulder mysteriously appeared from under the ground.

In 150 years the church authorities of Pereslavl-Zalessky decided to put a magic stone in a subfoundation of a local belltower. Stone was loaded onto the sled and drove across the ice of Pleshcheyevo Lake. The ice broke, and Blue-stone sank to a depth of five meters. However, soon fishermen began to notice that the boulder mysteriously changes its location, moving slowly along the bottom. Half a century later Blue-stone appeared on the shore at the foot of the Yarilin mountain, where it is still located.

People don’t manage to catch the Blue stone during the movement even with special tools in their hands while specially making observations. There are many versions of this phenomenon. From mystical explanations to quite “scientific”, explaining the spontaneous movement of the stone by influence of unknown physical fields. But any hypothesis isn’t worked up to the end. But whether it is worth regretting for it? Think how boring our lives would be if it did not remain such mystery…


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