The devil of Labynkyr lake

Today we will tell you about another Russian lake, which is the subject of many eerie legends. Labynkyr is the small lake in Yakutia. Residents of the nearby village Tompor claim that the bottom of the pond is inhabited by mysterious and very aggressive “devils.” Word of mouth transmit stories that once unknown creature got ashore and chased local fisherman, until he died of fright. On another occasion, “the devil” stuck his head out of the water in front of the villagers and in one fell swoop swallowed floating dog …

Descriptions of the monster from different witnesses coincide. They illustrate it as something “huge, dark gray, with a large head, the distance between its eyes is not less than the traditional local rafts out of ten logs.” Information on these monstrous dimensions can be considered partially confirmed. Local farmer Peter Vinokourov picked up the animal jaw with teeth on the north shore. Bone was so huge, that “if it is put vertically, the rider will freely pass under it.”

Unlike other similar Scottish, Irish and other lakes occupied by big monsters, Labynkyr is covered with ice during the winter. Observations found out several large holes (called “devil windows”) with the traces of some large animals next to it invariably appear on the ice surface.

For the first time, talk about the “northern Monster” raised by the newspaper “Youth of Yakutia” in December 14, 1958. Two years later, in 1961, diaries of the  geological party cheif of the USSR East Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences Viktor Tverdokhlebov were published. These diaries also confirms the existence of a large unknown animal in Yakutia. One of the critics of this message was researcher of geocryology institute A.Tolstov. He suggested that in fact witnesses saw a catfish of about 5 m, weighing up to 300 kg. This version is turned to be unsustainable because it became clear that there is no catfish in Labynkyr. On the other hand, there is also no clear evidence which proves existence of a monster in the lake…


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