Lovozero – lake shrouded in mystery

Lake Lovozero in the Murmansk region is located in the center of the Kola Peninsula. It takes its name from the Sami “The village by the lake of strong.” Pond stretches from north to south and has a lot of islands (approximately 140) covered by forest. Its three parts are connected by small spills.

On the north bank of Lovozero there is island called Horn, which has very interesting rock on it. That rock has a huge (30 meters width and 70 meters high), drawing, similar to human body. People call it idol (by Sami – Kuyva). Local believe that this foreign invaders who tried to attack the Sami, but the gods turned him into the shadow. This place is associated with a variety of beliefs and legends including the North Atlantis – Hyperborea.


In Soviet times, an expedition led by scientist Alexander Barchenko to study the mysterious phenomenon called the Arctic hysteria, which often manifests itself is in the vicinity of Lovozero. Information about this “disease” has appeared in publications in the late XIX century. Unusual state resembling a mass psychosis, and struck locals and visitors: they started to execute any command and repeat each other movement. Arctic Hysteria was manifested during shamanic rituals, but sometimes arose spontaneously.

The expedition was organized in 1922. The participants found an unusual artifact in the forest – a large rectangular granite stone with regular shape, oriented to the cardinal. Sacrifices to such boulders were carried by Lapps, who worshiped the god of sun. Scientists have tried to get to Horn Island in the Lovozero, but locals refused to help them, and didn’t give the boat. They explained the refusal by the fact that only sorcerers are allowed to get on island, because magic horns, which can cause storm, were stored here. Later Barchenko and his companions tried to cross over to the island again (they agreed to carry on a sailboat son of the local priest), but suddenly wind broke the mast and drove the ship.

Another expedition arrived at the Lovozero after Barchenko and his companions after all got to Horn Island and studied the idol image. They found that an ancient sacrifice artifact just a stone “bump” on top of the mountain. Researchers have even found ” the ruins of Hyperborea” – a giant arch and right-shaped panels, stairs leading to nowhere, the ritual pit, walls and the remains of an ancient observatory … which, however, according to scientists who have visited this place even later, in 2000, were only the result of weathering in rocks penetrated by water, which “break down the” stone blocks, and it slid down. Image of Idol is just the cracks on the rock, covered with moss. They also felt that there is nothing mystica in the frequent deaths of canoeists in these places.  The weather in the area of Lovozero sometimes changes dramatically within a few minutes and the huge waves can arise. Locals know about this phenomenon but tourists not.

Despite this, the mystical properties endow the lake until now…


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