Arkaim – Russian Stonehenge

The ancient city is located in Chelyabinsk region, in two kilometers from the Aleksandrovsky settlement. Scientists established that this settlement was built more than three thousand years ago. According to legend, the Slavic goddess Slavunya, who is the great-granddaughter of Old Slavic uniform god Rod, constructed that one of the most mysterious places of Russia.

The area of Arkaim is about 20 thousand square meters. The ancient city includes the strengthened settlement, as well as a burial ground and farm fields. Arkaim was constructed according to the very precise plan: four of its entrances are focused strictly on parts of the world and radial lines are converging in one point. The city is oriented on stars and scientists believe that it looks as Universe model. In Arkaim it is possible to trace 18 astronomical events such as days of a solstice and equinox, risings and sunsets under certain conditions and so on (for comparison, in the well-known Stonehenge the number of such phenomena is 15). Reference points are as precise as at the Egyptian pyramids, which were constructed later. For this reason Arkaim is often called “ancient observatory”.

The city had its own measure of length equal to 80 inches. For example, the distance between the centers of the circles is 5.25 Arkaim measures, which is close to the value of the inclination angle of the lunar orbit – 5 degrees 9 minutes. No wonder that this place attracts many tourists who actively use the “mystical” features of Arkaim. Visitors laid out a few spirals of stones near the city. They believe that if you go on these spirals barefoot to the center and make a wish it will come true. To recharge with positive energy, you can climb the Shaman mountain (also called “Bald”) located near the Arkaim; to ask for forgiveness – the mountain of Penance, and in order to “attract” the opposite sex – a mountain of love. It’s believed that women who have problems with personal life can seek for happiness in the Men’s forest and after visiting it they will attract lovers for sure. However, another forest, located near Fertile mountain with twisted trees, is considered bad: the locals say that it can make people crazy.

It is interesting that in many fables related to Arkaim it is said about mental disorders. One of them tells the story about girl student, who arrived here on a dig. In the midst of work, she heard a voice that called her into the center of the ancient city. When girl returned, she told  that she met ghosts. The help of the psychiatrist was necessary for the scared crying student.


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