Monster of Sakhalin

In September 2006, soldiers of the Russian army found remains of an unknown being on the coast of the island of Sakhalin. Skull structure of the monster resembles a crocodile, but the rest of skeleton isn’t similar to any reptile known to science. Creature doesn’t look like any fish as well.

Soldiers showed the skeleton to local people, who couldn’t identify any being living in these waters in that crature. The remains of tissues of animal, and, judging by them remained, it was covered with wool. Representatives of intelligence services quickly appropriated the corpse, and continued researches behind closed doors.

Now, most experts are inclined to believe that these were the remains of some cetaceans. According to other versions of this corpse belongs to orcas or beluga. Others argue that its skeleton being different from both options. Finally, there is an opinion that remains belonged to a prehistoric animal which probably still remained in depths of the World Ocean.


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