Molebka’s triangle

The Ural village of Molebka is real backwoods on a joint of Perm and Sverdlovsk regions. The well-known geoabnormal zone, known as the Molebsky triangle or the Perm abnormal zone, is located opposite to the village on the left bank of Sylva river. Long time ago this place was sacred to the peoples of the Mansi. The village got its name from the molebny stone, which was used for ceremonies of sacrifices.

Local people noticed various paranormal phenomena in this area long time ago meters (according to certain sources peasants described various unidentified flying objects that they have seen over the “zone”).However, only in the 80s of XX century this settlement became famous throughout Russia. In 1983, geologist Emile Bachurin found in the snow round footprint diameter of 62 meters during his winter hunting.

Since then “the Molebsky triangle” began to attract many fans of mystic. Eyewitnesses reported that they saw Bigfoot, UFOs, and also the shining spheres and other objects, which were showing rational behavior. Many researches conducted by numerous amateur and professional expeditions showed existence of strong biolocational anomaly in the zone.

Location of this paranormal area is perfectly known by Russian and foreign tourists and ufologists. Every year, thousands of “pilgrims” come here to join the unknown or just chat with each other about “mystical” topics. The number of tourists has exceeded all limits and the area has become “overcrowded”. It’s almost impossible to conduct any serious research in this area. In particular, there were cases of falsification alleged traces of UFOs, which in comic purposes did the tourists. Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy Russian nature and mystical ambiance Molebsky triangle could be very interesting place to visit.

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