Hovrinka or “Umbrella” untypical abandoned hospital in Mosсow

Hello! In the first post of our blog about various mystical phenomena and places in Russia and  countries of the former USSR, we want to tell you about one of the most mysterious buildings of Moscow – Hovrinsky hospital. This abandoned hospital is well-known as an “Umbrella” because of its shape, which is similar to the corporate logo from the movie “Resident Evil”.  There are many horrific legends about that building: from mysterious deaths and meetings of Satanists to aliens and monsters hiding in gloomy corridors. Let’s try to find out what the truth is and what the fiction…is

huge  umbrella_002

But first, let’s go back in the history…

In the late seventies, the Moscow authorities have conceived to build grand medical complex, which would had no analogues in the Soviet Union. Under the project, a new hospital consisted of six 10-storey buildings and could accommodate 1,300 inpatients. Construction lasted from 1980 to 1985, but stopped because of the mistake in the project organization. Obviously, the error was in the fact that waterproofing in the ground floors was done incorrectly. As the result, lower floors of the hospital were flooded.  However, there is another opinion about termination of the construction.  It is possible that there was not enough money in the budget to finish the project properly and finally, construction was frozen and subsequently abandoned.


As soon as the construction was stopped, building has become “overgrown” with a lot of urban legends which attract fans of adventures. The most famous legend says that in the 90s members of satanic cult named Nimostor were operating in the building. Sectarians gathered in the basement where they held rituals with sacrifices. After few dead animals and people with obvious signs of ritual murder were found in basements, police committed series of raids to catch sectarians in black robes. There is still no accurate information about the end of that story. According to rumors, police and OMON (Russian analog of SWAT) drove Satanists in the basement and flooded it. It is obvious, that it is a lie because police do not work in this way: their main task is to catch criminals alive and send them to the court. Moreover, according to hearings, in early 2000s other devilish group “Black Cross” conducted their dark rituals on the fifth floor in a special room behind the retractable wall. The fact that walls of the fifth floor are ornamented by mysterious devilish symbols is truth, but it’s hard to believe that representatives of such a secret and well-kept organization will begin to use such unreliable place as the base.

hovrinskaya-bolnitsa-istoriya1          basement

A lot of people have became victims of Hovrinsky hospital. Some felt into the hands of murderers, others became victims of accidents, while others come here to suicide. Here are just a couple of examples.  This story has already become a legend of Hovrinsky, occurred in late 1980s. Lonely pensioner, who lived not far from the hospital, lost her dog during the walking. After a day or two old lady went to the main building of the hospital to find her pet. She found her mutilated dead dog with bound feet in one of the corridors. Moreover, corpses of various other animals were placed nearby. Woman, stoned with horror, went to the police. The investigation did not produce results. Restless and hopeless she decided to hunt down killers and torturers by herself. However, moving in the dark corridors of the hospital, she felt into a hole and broke her leg. The body of the unfortunate woman was found a few weeks later. Apparently, she was dying slowly and painfully. Another victim was a teenager Alexei Krajushkin, who liked to spend time in abandoned hospital with his friends. One day sixteen-year-old guy rose on the eighth floor and jumped into an empty elevator shaft. The most possible reason for this is thet it happened because of unrequited love. After  the incident, friends of Alexei created a small monument  next to the elevator shaft on the second floor.

There are few things which you should be aware of in Hovrinka:


They bypass the territory in search of adventure lovers. In the case of the capture, an offender will be escorted to the nearest police department.

While making the way to the territory, its better quickly enter into the building and go upstairs: the guards will be just too lazy to catch you.

Building itself.

Unfinished hospital over the years considerably dilapidated.  There are around 15 opened elevator shafts in the building, where it is possible to fall down. The building has a lot of construction debris that you can catch on foot. In some areas there is sand which contains large amount of broken glass. There are a lot of encountered potholes in the floor. Sometimes, there are grooves between the plates, in which you can easily occur because of the carelessness. We recommend wearing shoes with a rigid sole and carefully watch every your step. To climb to the first floor and the basement it is necessary to have powerful lights. Very dangerous technical floor is situated on top of the building. In some parts the floor is very thin and raw, therefore it is high chance to fall off.  Finally, there are some walls without blocks in the building. It’s better to avoid it, as well as the edge of the roof.

lift  wall

Strangers and wild dogs.

There is the opportunity to meet homeless or some other types of people from whom it is better to stay away.  Also you can face wild dogs them on the lower floors of the hospital. It is advisable not to visit Hovrinka alone and without items of self-defense such as pepper spray or just a stone.

x_034e5bdd  monument

We do not recommend our readers to visit the hospital because it is dangerous and illegal. Hovrinsky hospital by address: Moscow, Klinskaya St. 2 Coordinates: 55° 52′ 4.2″ N, 37° 30′ 7.6″ E


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